General troubleshooting for SweetHawk apps

This article is intended to provide a guide on how to troubleshoot issues encountered with SweetHawk apps.


This article contains the following sections: 


What impact does the issue have?

Before attempting to troubleshoot, consider what impact the issue has. Is it impacting multiple apps or isolated to a specific app? Does it impact a major function of the app or can you still operate around this?


Server delay or outage:

A server incident would have the highest impact since it affects all apps and typically cannot be resolved without external intervention. These incidents can occur to both SweetHawk and Zendesk servers and can be checked via the corresponding status pages below:

Check for any active incidents on the SweetHawk server status page.

Check for any active incidents on the Zendesk server status page that impact Zendesk Support apps and/or webhooks.

Symptoms of a server incident may include:

  • All apps display an 'this website is under heavy load' message.
  • Extreme delays for certain tasks. (e.g create a sub-ticket)

If you observe any of the above symptoms for longer than 5-10 minutes, have refreshed the browser and there are no active incidents reported, please notify our team at and include screenshots where possible.


Internal network or IP restrictions:

An internal network issue can often be mistaken for a server outage since the impact can be the same. This typically requires internal intervention within your company to resolve so It's important to identify this correctly so that our team can assist.

Try to recreate the issue on an external network. (e.g mobile hotspot) 

Check that your company has not made any recent changes both to your internal network or Zendesk (e.g. IP restrictions) that could be preventing the apps from loading.

Learn how to check IP restrictions within Zendesk.

Learn what IP addresses you must add to your firewall or IP restrictions. (Scroll to the bottom)

Symptoms of an internal network issue may include:

  • All apps display an 'app token error' message.
  • All apps are blank or missing.

If you are unsure whether your issue might be internal or server related, you can contact our team at and include screenshots where possible.


Loss of API authorization:

This is the most common issue you may encounter but also one that can be resolved easily without external intervention. While not as obvious to detect as the previous issues, this can have a major impact on the functionality and can affect one or more SweetHawk apps.

Learn how to authorize the API for SweetHawk apps.

Symptoms of an API issue may include:

  • Ticket updates not working. (e.g. tags not added)

If you are unsure whether your issue might be API related, you can contact our team at and include screenshots where possible.


Apps are not visible:

Another common issue is the total loss of visibility of one or more apps for one or more agents.

Learn why agents can't see SweetHawk apps.

Symptoms of a missing app include:

  • A recently added agent cannot see the app.

If you are unsure about this issue after going through the above article, you can contact our team at and include screenshots where possible.


App-specific Issue:

There are common issues specific to a certain app that is often associated with configuration or user error. These typically range from minor to major impacts on functionality, however, most can be resolved without external intervention.

Only some apps have dedicated troubleshooting articles and are indicated by a 'tick' below:

  App Name Article   App Name Article
Admin Center   Liquid Placeholders  
Approvals (legacy) Notify
Approve Recurring Tickets
Calendar Reminders  
Change Manager    SLA Timers (legacy)  
Deadline Super Suite  
Due Time   Survey
Field Conditions   Tasks
Future Tickets   Timers  
Hide Ticket Fields   Undo  


Further Troubleshooting:

If you require further assistance or are unsure how to proceed, you can contact our support team at at any time. Please ensure you include any screenshots or screen recordings that will help with our investigation.

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