How do I access the ticket events log?

If you're using the Zendesk Agent Workspace, open a ticket and click the events icon ( ) in the conversation header to toggle between ticket conversations and events.


If you're not using the Zendesk Agent workspace, open a ticket and click Conversations under the active comment area, then select Events.


The events for each ticket update appear separately.


Why is the Zendesk ticket events log important for troubleshooting?

The Zendesk ticket events log is crucial for troubleshooting for several reasons:

  1. Understanding the Ticket History: The log gives an accurate, chronological account of everything that has happened to a ticket since it was created. This helps support agents and administrators understand the full context of a ticket, including changes in status, assignments, and any communications with the customer.

  2. Identifying Workflow Issues: By examining the events log, it's possible to see if a ticket was handled according to the correct workflow, if it was assigned to the right agents or teams, or if there were any unnecessary delays in handling the ticket. This can be useful in identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your support workflow.

  3. Audit Trail: The events log provides an audit trail for tickets, which is useful for compliance purposes or if any disputes arise regarding how a ticket was handled.

  4. Tracking Automations and Triggers: Zendesk supports automations and triggers that can automatically perform actions on tickets based on certain conditions. By examining the events log, you can see which automations or triggers acted on a ticket and when, which is useful for troubleshooting or optimizing these automations.

  5. Verifying Customer Interactions: The events log records all communications related to a ticket, including emails, notes, and chat transcripts. This can be helpful for verifying what was communicated to a customer or for reviewing the quality of support provided.

  6. Debugging Third-party Integrations: If you're using third-party tools or integrations with Zendesk, the events log can help you debug any issues that may arise by showing when these tools interacted with a ticket and what actions they performed.

In short, the events log provides transparency and accountability for ticket handling in Zendesk, making it a valuable tool for troubleshooting, optimization, and compliance.

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