How can I deauthorize/authorize the API for a SweetHawk app?

This article will cover how you can deauthorize and authorize a Sweethawk app. This is useful if the previous app owner is leaving the company or you simply wish to troubleshoot an issue, such as if you receive an internal server error.

If you are following instructions on how to deauthorize/authorize an app based on one of our troubleshooting articles or advice given by our support team, please follow steps 1-4 on How to deauthorize/authorize the API.


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How to deauthorize/authorize the API:


At present, this method only applies to the following apps: Timers, Approve, Recurring Tickets, Future Tickets and Notify. The process is similar for our other apps, however, the UI will be slightly different and the option may be under Admin or Settings within the app.

1. Select the SweetHawk app located on the left navbar, then select the Admin tab within the app.


2. Select Deauthorize API located at the top of the admin page.


3. Select Authorize API located at the top of the admin page.


4. Select Allow on the prompt window that will appear.

We recommend using a generic admin account to authorize the API if one is available.


The new authorized API user or app owner will now be listed at the top of the admin page.



The entire process should take less than a minute. You won't lose any data from the app by performing this procedure. If you are concerned about potential downtime, you can perform the above during a quiet period such as at the end of the day.

You may want to refresh the browser at this stage before testing to ensure the issue has been resolved.


How to change the owner of an app?

If you wish to change the owner of an app, you'll need to complete steps 1-4 from the instructions above for every individual SweetHawk app that requires API authorization.

Please note, the administrator which performs this action will be considered the new authorized API user for the purpose of updating tickets/comments.​ If you have a generic administrator account available, it is recommended to use this to avoid confusion.



Deauthorizing/authorizing your apps can be a great way to troubleshoot an issue, however, we recommend checking the admin tab for any API error before doing so.

The most common reason for an API error is when the previous app owner was either removed from Zendesk or had their permissions downgraded/revoked which prevents the app from functioning. If you know someone is leaving the company, you can perform the above steps ahead of time to avoid this in future.

If you are unsure of anything, please contact our support team at before attempting to deauthorize your apps.


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