Why can't I see my SweetHawk app(s)?

There are a few reasons why an app may not be visible. In this article, we'll work through them in order of technicality. 

1. The apps tray is not open.

If you're not familiar with the Zendesk interface then it may be that you simply need to open the apps tray on the right of the screen like this:



2. The app has been restricted.

It is possible that you or another Zendesk administrator has restricted the app in your Zendesk settings so that you don't have access to see it. For more information on how app restrictions work, we've written a kb article on this here: https://support.sweethawk.co/hc/en-us/articles/223229368


3. Browser issue

It is possible that the issue is related to the browser you're viewing Zendesk on. Some browser extensions in the past have also been known to conflict with Zendesk apps. Try viewing Zendesk in a different browser and if the issue no longer occurs then this is solid evidence pointing to this being the cause.


4. Company firewall

The issue could be network or firewall related. To confirm, try loading Zendesk and the app on a computer connected to the internet through a different source that is not on your company network (ie. pair it with your mobile phone). If this allows you to see the app, then it is likely that your company firewall is blocking the app from appearing. To allow the apps to work, you will need to get your IT administrator to whitelist our apps IP addresses. At the bottom of our kb article here we've noted the addresses that need to be allowed. These IP addresses do change from time to time as required, so it is recommended that you or IT admins subscribe to the IP changes mailing list available from the same article. 


5. Client-side errors

If it's none of the above, then there may be some errors coming through on your side behind the scenes that we need to know about. In order to see these errors, you'll need to re-load Zendesk with the developer console open.

To open the developer console in Google Chrome ​click the top right ellipsis -> more tools -> developer tools, like this:

Once you have it open, click the console tab like this (1) and clear the logs (2). 


At this point, refresh Zendesk in the browser and if you see any errors in red come through, then take screenshots of them and send them through to support@sweethawk.co and we'll be able to do further investigation.

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