Migrating to the new version of Tasks & Subtickets

This article answers some questions you may have about the new version of Tasks & Subtickets and covers how to migrate over if you want to. 


How do I know what version I'm using? 

You can check the version of you're using by clicking into the main left bar icon and then looking under Admin like this:  

SweetHawk__–_Zendesk.pngVersion: gelato means you're on the new version. 
If there is no mention of version, then you're on the legacy version.  

Do I have to move to the new version? 

There is no immediate need to move to the new version. You may choose to move to the new version if you find there is functionality you require that is not available in the legacy version. Note that in the future we will be looking to sunset the legacy version.


Why should I move? What are the new features in the new version? 

There is a heap of new features in the new version that improve the flexibility of the types of  workflows that can be achieved. For a list of improvements in the new app see this article: https://support.sweethawk.com/hc/en-us/articles/21840199243917-What-s-new-in-the-Tasks-app 


If I'm paying for the Super Suite, will I have to pay for the new version? 

No. The Super Suite covers all apps built by SweetHawk including new ones. All you need to do is install it and start using it. You can get around needing to enter in your credit card information by using the coupon code NOCC.


Is there migration functionality?

Not yet. This means if you want to migrate over you will need to do this manually. You can use the bulk edit task list option to copy entire task lists in one go. However links, notes, sub-ticket and template settings will all need to be copied across individually. We do plan on creating functionality to help with migration in the future.


Why didn't you just release the new version over the top of the old one?

The new version of Tasks & Subtickets is part of a long-term project to rebuild all our apps from the ground up. This complete rebuild was essential to unify our code base and servers, allowing us to enhance features more rapidly and efficiently. Additionally, this overhaul enables us to re-imagine the functionality of our apps, incorporating paradigm shifts based on the continuous feedback we receive to better meet your needs.


How do I install the new version? 

You can install the new version be clicking install from this page. You can avoid needing to enter a credit card for your trial by using the coupon code NOCC. If you're paying for the Super Suite at the end of the trial the app will automatically fall under that subscription and will continue working as normal. 


How do I manually move across? 

You can use the bulk edit task list functionality to copy entire task lists in one go. Everything else needs to be copied across bit by bit. Here is a video showing how this can be done for an example process:


Can I have both versions working at the same time? 

Yes, you can have both the old and new versions of the Tasks app running side by side. This will help with transitioning to the new version as it means you can keep existing workflows running with the legacy version while you build / duplicate the workflows into the new version. Note that if you choose to do this you should ensure that you name the apps differently to avoid a glitch that occurs when you have 2 apps with the same name. 


Is there anything to lookout for when I install the new version?

Yes. There are two important things to take note of when installing the new app.

1. It is very important that none of your triggers that apply task lists loop. A looping trigger means that everytime the ticket is updated your trigger fires again and again telling Zendesk to re-apply the list. This normally results in an error message being inserted into your conversation, but there are safety preventions in place to stop the list from actually being added. However, if you don't address the error message before you install the second app and then set it to apply the same task list automatically, it is not possible for each app to stop the other from applying the task list. As such it is possible for a misconfiguration to result in a run-away loop, potentially creating 1000s of subtickets. For more information on ensuring that all of your triggers nullify themselves see this article: https://support.sweethawk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000727492-Nullifying-conditions-for-your-triggers 

2. If you still have the legacy version installed, ensure that the two apps are named differently. If they are named the same it causes unexpected behaviour. 


How do I change the name of the legacy Tasks app? 

Click into your Zendesk Admin Center and then under Apps and integrations under Zendesk support apps, change the title of the app from 'Tasks' to 'Tasks (legacy)' like this: 


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