Our new Tasks app has been completely remade so it's now easier than ever to setup and manage your tasks, projects and workflows in Zendesk. No matter what process you're needing facilitated, with new improvements and features the app is even more capable of meeting even the most advanced workflows your business requires.

New updates include:

  • Ticket updates on anything - Whether it is a task being checked off, a task list being completed, or a global events (like any task being added or completed), you can configure anything to happen on a ticket without code! This allows for a much more flexible processes to be built with ease.

  • More flexibility around ticket field values -  Whenever any task event takes place, you can dynamically update information in ticket fields. For example, you could set a field to store a list of all completed tasks, another field to store a list of the remaining tasks.

  • Enhanced Template Customization - Create and modify ticket templates with greater flexibility, including cloning and field overrides.

  • Cloning - You can now clone ticket templates and task lists.

  • Ability to specify any requester in a template - Among the many small improvements to ticket templates, now, rather than having to choose whether the requester of the sub-ticket is the requester or assignee of the parent ticket, you can now set the requester of the sub-ticket based on say, the selection of a user from a Zendesk lookup field.

  • Easy access to triggers - For automated task lists, the trigger that applies them is now linked within the apps UI. This makes setting up and maintaining flows much simpler as it means you no longer need to go digging through your triggers to find the one you need.

  • Ability to re-order task lists and templates by any column.

  • Improved admin features including a new audit log that shows who changed what within the app.

  • Improved access management.

Migrating to the New App:

For a seamless transition, we recommend installing the new app from the Zendesk Marketplace on your Sandbox account first to test the rules.

If you don't have a Zendesk Sandbox, you can install the new app alongside the old one for testing purposes. Please ensure the new app has a different name as the old app when installing to avoid any conflicts.

Contact us for an extended trial on the new app; we do not charge for testing instances.

Ongoing Support:

While we have no plans to end support for the legacy Tasks app, we will focus on updating and adding new features exclusively to the new version.

Upgrade to the New Tasks App Today!

Make the most of the enhanced features and improved usability by upgrading to the new Tasks app. Install it today from the Zendesk Marketplace and experience a more efficient way to manage tasks and subtickets in Zendesk.

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