Automatically adding a task list to a ticket

Using the Tasks and Subtickets app, you can automatically add a task list to a ticket (or subticket) at any point, based on a trigger firing from conditions you specify.

Multiple task lists can be added to the same ticket at once and will be separated by their title, which is also collapsable.

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How to automatically add a task list to a ticket

In the Tasks and Subtickets app, click Task lists and then Create trigger on the task you would like to automatically add to a ticket.

A sticky pop-up will appear in your Zendesk with a link to the new trigger that has been created, or you can click Edit trigger on the task list. Click on this link.

Within the new trigger, you can define when you want this task list to be added to the ticket.

These conditions are entirely up to you and can be at any time of the tickets lifecycle. The default example is when a certain tag is added to the ticket.


  • Please do not modify the Notify by webhook as this is required for the task to be added
  • Ensure that you use a nullifying condition to only create the task list once. For this example, it will remove the tag that fires this trigger.

Click Save on the trigger and you are now ready to go!

If you would like to add multiple task lists at once, and also have them list in a specific order, please see our guide: How to add task lists in a specific order

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How to create additional task lists within subtickets

Due to complex workflows, you may require a separate or additional set of tasks within your subticket, and our Tasks and Subtickets app can achieve this!

Tasks can be added manually onto the subticket, or automatically by following these steps.

  1. First, you will need to create the new task list that will appear on your subticket.
  2. Once this has been created, we will need to set a condition when the subticket is created using ticket templates. For this example, we will create a ticket template with a tag.
  3. On the new task list you have created in step 1, follow the steps above in automatically adding a task list in a ticket, this time we will use the tag that we specified in our ticket template when defining the trigger.
  4. Save your trigger and that's it! Your new task list will be added to a subticket.

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The levels of subtickets can be never ending! You are free to create task lists within subtickets, within subtickets within subtickets, etc.

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