A very powerful feature of our Tasks and Subtickets app is how you can perform actions on a ticket once a particular task has been checked as complete. Whether its firing off another set of task lists or updating the requester by email, our Tasks and Subtickets app has you covered.

Topics covered in this article:


Adding ticket updates once a task is completed

To achieve this, first create the task lists you require by following this guide: How to create task lists

Once your task lists are created, open th task list and then click on the task that will update the ticket once it's completed.

At the bottom of the task settings, you can add a ticket update depending on an event. Here we will select Task completed.

With these updates on the Zendesk ticket, you could do the following:


Add a new set of task lists

It would be very common requirement for tasks to be completed in particular order and so tasks only appear once a previous task has been completed.

Under Task completed ticket event, under Add ticket update... you can add a tag or perform other updates like check a tick-box in a custom field.

Click Update task.

Now that the Zendesk ticket will be updated with these actions on task completion, you can use this new tag or custom field within the trigger when automatically add a task list to a ticket.

2024-02-20 16.05.10.gif


Send an email to anyone

Once a particular task has been completed, some key stakeholders may want to know about this update, or you could simply want to let the requester know.

Under Task completed ticket event, under Add ticket update... select comment. A comment box will appear and you can fill in all relevant information about the task here, including using task and Zendesk placeholders.

Ensure the public toggle is on, so that it will send a public reply. You can also specify which Zendesk agent, including assignee, sends the email by selecting Set author

This update will send to the ticket requester.

2024-02-20 16.34.40.gif

You could also use Zendesk triggers to send emails to anyone related to the ticket. Simply add a tag instead of a comment and then make any trigger fire from this tag being added.


Update anything on a ticket

Our tasks app allows you to update anything on a ticket, including all custom fields both on a ticket and user.

You can choose when these updates will take place from:

  • Task completed
  • Task uncompleted
  • Task status changed

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