This article is intended to provide troubleshooting guidance for the Tasks app. For issues that have a significant impact on multiple functions and/or apps, consider performing general troubleshooting before proceeding.


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Why is the status of the sub-ticket not updating?

A common symptom will be the status of a sub-ticket will not update within the parent ticket which can prevent solving the parent ticket while there are uncompleted tasks.

This issue most commonly occurs when one of your admins has accidentally disabled the triggers responsible for updating the parent ticket. Repeat the following steps for both your triggers and webhooks within the admin center.

    1. Search for the name 'update parent task'.
    2. Ensure the status is active.
    3. Locate the trigger/webhook named App - Tasks - Update parent task.

Check to make sure the trigger has not been deactivated and activate again if it has.

If you're unable to locate one or more of these under either the deactivated or active status, please contact us at to resolve the issue.


Why is the assignee blank on the sub-ticket?

You've set the assignee to be the same as the parent within the ticket template but the assignee is always blank on the sub-ticket even though the parent ticket has an assignee.

Commonly caused when the assignee was set AFTER the sub-ticket was created. In other words, the assignee was blank on the parent ticket when the sub-ticket was created.

You can check the ticket event logs on both the parent ticket and sub-ticket to confirm the time stamps of whether an assignee was present when the sub-ticket was created.


Why can't I apply a task list to my sub-ticket using a trigger?

If you attempt to add a task list to a sub-ticket via a trigger that has already been applied to the parent, you will receive an error.

Could not add task list to this ticket automatically as it's already applied to the parent ticket.

This is done to prevent users from creating thousands of tickets accidentally. For example, if the same task list that created the sub-ticket is applied to the sub-ticket - this creates a scenario where the trigger will infinitely keep generating sub-tickets. The workaround would be to create a cloned version of the task list that is only applied to the sub-ticket or to apply the task list manually.


Why can't I apply a task list more than once using a trigger?

If you attempt to add the same task list more than once, nothing will happen as long as the original task list exists.

This is done for the same reasons above. It will create a scenario that can spawn an infinite number of task lists and sub-tickets. The workaround is also the same.


For any issues not listed here, please feel free to contact us at

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