Restricting access to a Zendesk app

When installing a Zendesk app you're given the option of enabling role and group restrictions. By restricting access to the app, you're also restricting which agents you're billed for*.

* Not applicable when subscribing to our Super Suite - Our Super Suite is billed to all paid agents.


How can I enable restrictions so that only certain agents have access to an app?

Depending on which you prefer, there are two methods to enable restrictions for an app. The first is within Zendesk Support and the second can be accessed through the Admin Center.

Zendesk Support:

  1. Click on the cog/admin icon on the left navbar.
  2. Click on manage located under apps.
  3. Locate the app you wish to apply restrictions and click anywhere on the icon.


Admin Center:

  1. Click on the Apps and intergrations on the left navbar.
  2. Click on Zendesk Support apps located under apps.
  3. Locate the app you wish to apply restrictions and click anywhere on the icon.


If you accidentally click the cog drop-down list, you can access the same page by selecting Change settings.


Enable Restrictions:

The following page will be the same regardless of which method you used to get here. Scroll down until you see the options to enable role/group restrictions located under installation.

  1. Click the checkbox next to role restrictions and/or group restrictions to enable it.
  2. Select the roles and/or groups from the drop-down list you wish to have access to the app.


If you select multiple roles (no groups), the agent only needs to be in one of the roles to have access. You will not be charged twice for the same agent if they are in multiple groups.


If you enable both role AND group restrictions, the agent must be in at least one of each to have access. This means that an Administrator may not have access to the app if they are not in one of the selected groups.


At this point, you will be prompted for payment details. If you already provided this when the app was installed, simply take note of the new cost/agents, then select Update.


If you are unsure whether you have provided this information or wish to update this, you may refer to your billing portal rather than having to re-enter everything again.

We recommend learning how to hide fields when apps have been restricted if you are planning to enable restrictions.


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