HTTP and URL Target discontinuation

Zendesk will discontinue the use of HTTP and URL Targets in favour of Webhooks. The following SweetHawk apps make use of HTTP targets:

  • Notify
  • Deadline
  • Due Time
  • Calendar
  • Survey
  • Tasks
  • Approvals
  • SLA Timers

We are working on upgrading all our customers' accounts automatically. For most customers, we have already installed the required webhooks. For these accounts, you may notice both a target and webhook being called when looking at the events on the ticket.

The following apps require non-urgent action from our users:

  • Notify
  • Approvals
  • Timers
  • Tasks

These apps used to create a target for certain records as they are being created. Targets either need to converted to webhooks within Zendesk, but also, when editing and saving a new or existing notification/approval/timer, a new webhook will be created behind the scenes.

We will automatically remove app-packaged targets (and associated triggers) from the apps around the time Zendesk stops supporting them.

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