ITSM change management in Zendesk using SweetHawk apps (Run-through and setup)

Using SweetHawk apps you’re able to create seamless change flows in Zendesk.

The video below shows one example of an ITSM change management workflow using Zendesk with SweetHawk apps...

This next video runs through how to setup the example change flow above, from scratch, in Zendesk:

See the following timestamps to jump to areas that you want to learn about: 

1. Installing the Super Suite & the desired apps: 2:25
2. Creating the desired fields in Zendesk: 6:15
3. Field conditions app: Setting up field mapping and conditionality: 9:15
4. Tasks app: Setting up a ticket template: 17:30
5. Calendar app: Setting up your calendar(s): 29:05
6. Approve app: Defining the approval for the Change Advisory Board: 31:20

Apps included in the above videos are: 

Field Conditions App

  • Allows you to add the extra Ticket Type of Change (and any additional types like project) to be used as part of Zendesk native Type functionality.
  • Gives you the control to create whatever custom change ticket fields you need and then to show/hide them based on other field selections. 

Tasks App

  • Create sub-tickets that are linked to the main change ticket.
  • Copy any details from the originating ticket to the sub-tickets.
  • Manually or automatically add saved task lists to tickets.
  • Define details of sub-tickets to be automatically created at any point during a ticket's lifecycle.

Approve App

  • Require approvals to take place on specific types of tickets.
  • Send approvals either automatically via Zendesk triggers or manually by agents on a ticket.
  • Send multiple approval requests sequentially, in parallel and/or as group approvals.
  • Approval logs and auditability.
  • Unlimited approvers that do not need to be agents in Zendesk.

Calendar App

  • Plan when changes will be implemented.
  • Create an unlimited number of calendars for each department and/or Zendesk agents. For changes this means you could have a Change Proposals calendar, and once the change is approved, the event is moved to the Planned Changes calendar.
  • Syncs with Google Calendar and Office 365

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