SweetHawk apps & Zendesk ticket fields

Here's a short video that explains how SweetHawk apps use ticket fields to work in nicely with the rest of Zendesk: 

Many of SweetHawk's apps push information through to Zendesk ticket fields. The reason they do this is so that the app isn't just useful in its own right, but plays nicely with the rest of Zendesk. This means that you're able to build views, macros, triggers, automations and reporting with information that would otherwise not be accessible.

SweetHawk apps that currently push information to Zendesk ticket fields are: 




Due Time


Once you've installed the app, you won't have to worry about manually copying the ticket fields to each of your forms. The app will automatically detect if your Zendesk ticket form contains the fields. If the fields haven't yet been added to the form, you will see this button:

Simply click the button and the fields will be added to the form. If you have multiple apps installed, you may see a few places where this button appears. Click the button in each of the apps.

For it to take effect you'll need to refresh your browser by clicking the refresh button like this: 

Once you've refreshed the browser, the app will not ask you to do this again for this form. 

Make sure you repeat this process for all of your forms.


If you're seeing this button appear again on a different ticket there are 2 possibilities as to what could be happening:

1: You're looking a ticket with a different ticket form that has not yet had the fields added to it. Simply click the button and refresh your screen. 

2: Someone on your helpdesk is manually removing the ticket fields from the form. If this is the case, you may be seeing this button appear quite often, as the app will only work when all ticket fields are present on the form you are working on. It may be necessary to check your Zendesk logs to find out which agent has been doing this. Then send them to this article so they can learn about these how fields work.



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