How to add a Customer Effort Score question

This article will cover how you can create a Customer Effort Score question within the survey app. This process involves adjusting the wording of the secondary question to be more in line with Customer Effort Score (CES) as opposed to Net Promotor Score (NPS).

Can I have both a CES and NPS question?

Yes, the app is capable of asking up to 2 questions so you will need to decide which questions are best suited for your organization (e.g CSAT, CES or NPS). CES and NPS have a mutual relationship in that they can both measure Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction each with its own advantages and disadvantages so you may consider having only one of these to complement a CSAT question.

NPS provides a great simple measurement for brand loyalty/sharability, however, CES takes a more proactive approach that indirectly increases brand loyalty by allowing you to identify and action areas where customers might be getting frustrated. If you routinely score low with CES, it's highly likely you will also score low with NPS and vice versa so you don't necessarily need to have both.

Why should I use CES instead of NPS?

One of the advantages of our Survey app is the ability to build workflows based on the ticket score and immediately action them accordingly. If this is important to you, you may consider using a CES style question in order to take certain measures based on negative feedback BEFORE it impacts Customer Loyalty.


This article contains the following sections:


Change the wording for one question

1. Select the Survey app from the main navbar which will be located on the left side of your screen.


2. Navigate to the Translations tab within the app, then adjust the wording for the NPS question (or the CSAT question if you wish to keep NPS) to reflect a CES question. Examples below:

CSAT - How would you rate the support you received by {{}}?

CES - Do you agree with the following statement? {{}} made it is easy for me to handle my issue.

NPS - How likely is it that you would recommend {{}} to a friend or colleague?


3. Repeat step 2 for each language you wish to support.



Test your survey

Now all that's left is to test your new survey. Example below:



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