Excluding specific tickets, users, or organisations from being sent surveys

Sometimes you may not want a survey to be sent. This can be for various reasons, maybe you don't want to send surveys on tickets to non-customers, maybe you have a customer ask to not receive them or possibly you have other types of workflow tickets where surveys don't apply. Whatever the reason, the answer to stopping them from being sent is using native Zendesk workflow functionality to either stop the trigger or automation from firing completely or excluding the survey from the email using liquid markup.

If you have a separate trigger or automation that sends the survey, then you can stop it from firing by adding a condition that looks for the existence of a specific tag on a ticket. For example "no_satisfaction". The rule that you would add under "Conditions" would be this: 


Then, on the tickets you don't want to send the survey on you can simply add that tag to the tickets. Alternatively, if you add the tag to the user or organisation instead, all tickets submitted from that user after that point always contain the tag that excludes the workflow from firing. This is shown in the video below: 



If you have the survey being sent out as part of another workflow, for example as in the video above when you solve a ticket, stopping the trigger/automation from firing may not be an option. None the less, you could still act on the same tag, but instead, you would need to do it using Zendesk's liquid markup functionality to exclude a specific part of the user message from being included in the email. The if statement rule you might use would be as shown in blue below: 


{% if {ticket.tags} contains 'no_satisfaction' %}
{% else %}

{% if ticket.requester.custom_fields.survey_app_token %}We'd love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question below:
{{dc.survey_app_snippet}}{% endif %}

{% endif %}


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