Zendesk ticket field mapping: A step by step guide

Like with our ITSM Change Management flow in Zendesk, you may need to map certain ticket fields into other fields for workflow, reporting or consistency reasons.

In this article, we will cover an example of Change Management and map the 'Type' standard Zendesk field to a 'Ticket Type' custom field which also contains the category of Change.

The below is only an example as you could set or update any ticket field in your Zendesk dependant on a selection of a different field.

How to map ticket fields into other fields

Open our Field Rules app, click on Rules in the left hand pane and then Add rule in the top right of the app.

  • Name your rule
  • Field behavior - we do not require any behaviors here, so leave this empty
  • When - this is where we define which field will have data we want to map, in our example we will select Ticket Type and contains Question (multiple options can be selected here if you want to map more than 1 selection to another field)
  • Ticket actions - here we will set what will be updated as part of the when condition. In our example, we will map the Type field to have Question selected

Click Create rule.

Now each time Question is selected for Ticket Type, the Type field will also be updated with Question too.

Repeat the steps above for every field you would like to map in your Zendesk.

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