Adding conditional fields in Zendesk

Within Zendesk, only certain higher plans allow you to create conditional fields or use ticket forms. This means you are only able to add one list of ticket fields and they will show at all times to all agents.

Using our Field Rules app installed on any level plan, you will be able to manage your Zendesk fields to hide or show depending on any other field on the ticket and so be able to create unlimited different workflows.

For example, you can show a particular product list once the main product category has been selected, and then a checkbox once a product is selected, while all other options remain hidden.

Combined with the other features of our Field Rules app, you can setup the simplest to the most advanced workflows for your agents.

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How to setup conditional fields

  • Under When, define which field will control the workflow. This can be specific in what is selected or simply contains data.
  • Then select a Field behavior for the fields you would like visible. If the 'when' is not satisfied then the fields will be hidden.

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