Our latest version of the Field Rules includes a revamped UI to make your rules easy to create and manage.

Here are some simple rules to get you started.

How to set Zendesk fields as hidden, read only or mandatory

Update Zendesk fields for all agents with these steps:

  1. Open the Field Rules app from the left colored pane in Zendesk
  2. Click Rules in the main left bar and Add rule at the top right
  3. Name your rule something to easily identify later
  4. By default, Field behavior has hidden selected.
    If you would to setup a different rule, select another option from the dropdown box, such as;
    • Visible,
    • Read Only, and/or
    • Mandatory
  5. Next to your selection, select which fields you would like these rules to apply to from the dropdown
  6. Select Who this rule will apply to, by default the rules will apply to everyone.
  7. If required, select When this rule will apply. If nothing is selected, the rule will happen at all times.
  8. Click Create rule at the bottom

Note that you can select multiple fields at once, so the one rule can control many fields at the same time.

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