What's new in the Field Rules app compared to Field Conditions

Our new Field Rules app has been completely remade so it's now easier than ever to setup and manage your Zendesk fields, and with new improvements and features which allows setup from the basic to the most advanced workflows your business needs.

With the new Field Rules app the number of rules you need can be greatly reduced. What might have needed 20 rules in the past may now only require a few, depending on your exact needs.



New updates include:

  • New User Interface (UI) - You can now setup one rule to cover selected fields with one or many exceptions, instead of managing each field separately. This makes setup and managing rules a breeze!

  • Additional Field Behaviors - Visible, Editable & Optional are now available in addition to the standard Hidden, Read Only & Mandatory options to build the most complex workflows.

  • New Ticket Actions - In addition to the above behaviors, in each rule you can also set:
    • Set/Add/Remove values in any ticket field on your Zendesk if the conditions are met.
      For example, if James, Sam or Sarah are assigned a ticket, it would set the Manager custom field to Mary.
      Or if the Department custom field changes from Developers to System Admins, it will remove the 'dev' tag.

    • Apply Macro allows you to automate certain workflows so that the ticket is ready for an agent to complete with all data ready.
      For example, changing a ticket group to Escalations would fire a macro that would update tags, change the priority and add a comment with placeholders.

    • App Action allows you to tie in other SweetHawk apps such as Tasks to automatically fire once any condition is met.

  • New 'who, what & then' logic - Our rules now use the simple 'who, what, then' logic, so it's easy for any agent with access to setup rules for your account.

  • Rule Ordering - Now with extra rules available on possibly the same fields, you can order your rules to have priority over others.

  • Audit Log - A new admin area now shows a useful audit log of all creates and updates of rules on your account.

Migrating to the new app

For a seamless transition, we recommend installing the new app from the Zendesk Marketplace on your Sandbox account first to test the rules.

If you don't have a Zendesk Sandbox, you can install the new app alongside the old one for testing purposes. Please ensure the new app has a different name as the old app when installing to avoid any conflicts.

Contact us for an extended trial on the new app; we do not charge for testing instances.

Ongoing support

While we have no current plans to end support for the legacy Fields Conditions app, we will focus on updating and adding new features exclusively to the new version.

Upgrade to the new Field Rules app today!

Make the most of the enhanced features and improved usability by upgrading to the new Field Rules app. Install it today from the Zendesk Marketplace and experience a more efficient way to manage your Zendesk fields.

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