Use Survey tagging to build workflows

Under the settings tab in the survey app, you can make it so the app tags tickets based on the scores given like this: 




Once ticket tagging is switched on, for each survey response your tickets will be tagged like this:




Now based on these tags you can do workflowy stuff. For example:


Of course, this is just a couple of examples, but you can use these principles to build whatever workflow you need to keep on top of your survey responses. 



Escalating 0-2 tickets with a trigger

To automatically escalate a trigger based on a sat rating of 0-2, first create a trigger by clicking the cog on the left of the screen, then under triggers, click 'Create trigger' on the top right-hand side like this: 




Next, give this trigger a name. Eg. "Escalate tickets with superbad sat ratings"

Then under "Meet ALL of the following conditions" set the rules:




In the rules above, all we're looking for are tickets that got a sat rating between 0-2.

Notice that we're also checking that the ticket does not contain the tag "sat_escalated" (this is half of a nullifying condition that makes this trigger only fire once instead of over and over). 

Finally, under ACTIONS, you'll need to define what you want to happen when the above conditions are met. For this case we need set the priority, status, and who you want to be notified like this: 




Notice the final rule is adding the tag "sat_escalated". This is the other half of the nullifying condition that means the next time this ticket is updated the trigger cannot fire.

Once you're happy with your actions simply click 'Create' at the bottom. 



Building a view for 9-10 tickets

To build this view, click the cog on the left of the screen and then under 'views' at the top right click on 'create' like this: 


Now give your view a name like - "Customers who love us". 

Then under Meet all of the following conditions add the following rules like this:




Notice in the rules above we're only searching for an organisation score of 9 or 10. If you want to check for sat scores of 9 & 10 too, simply add the tags ticket_score_9 & ticket_score_10 to the rule. 

Finish off your view by deciding which columns you want to see, how it's ordered and who can see it. 




At the bottom click on "Create".


Now have a look at your new view. It should look something like this:






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