This article is for Zendesk approvals app Approve, which is our newest app for building approval processes.

If you're needing information on our older app Zendesk approvals app Approvals please see this section of our knowledge base.

This article will cover common issues you may encounter within the Approve app and how you can troubleshoot them.


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Insufficient approvers


There are several reasons why you might encounter this error, however, the underlying issue is almost always the same – the app is unable to find sufficient approvers to meet the required responses.

Some of the reasons why you might encounter this error are:

1. You have set the required responses greater than that of the approver pool.



2. You have enabled the option that excludes the sender from the approver pool.

Commonly occurs during testing when you are both the sender and the recipient. You will need to disable this option or assign someone other than yourself as the recipient.



3. You are using a custom ticket field and there is no valid user.


If you set the recipient to reference a ticket/user/organisation field, and that field is either empty or the liquid has not been set correctly, you may encounter this error.

Some things you may wish to check when referencing the following field:


If you're unsure about the following information, please refer to our article on how to create a custom field for approver selection.

Text field: Since this field relies on manual entry, you may encounter user error where the email was not valid or something else entirely. (e.g a phone number)

Lookup field: Ensure this field is present since user error shouldn't be possible.

Drop-down or Multi-select field: Ensure that each field value has the correct user id assigned. Below is an example of an invalid field value.


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