To set a task list to be grouped, in the task list section of the app, go into a task list's settings and then check the "Group task list" switch like this:


If a task list is set as grouped:

  • The task list name is displayed at the top.
  • Grouped task lists are collapsible.
  • Tasks are locked together (ie. it is not possible to change the order of the tasks in grouped task lists).
  • It is possible to delete an entire task list at once.
  • When hovering over the list, the number of completed tasks vs uncompleted tasks will show in a white bubble.
  • Once all tasks within the list are completed, the task list name will be crossed out.



 If a task list is set as ungrouped:

  • Tasks within a task list are added is individual entities (No task list header is shown).
  • They can be reordered in any order (Tasks are not locked together).
  • It is not possible to delete an entire task list at once.


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  • I don´t see the Group task list in my settings, guess its because of that this functionality is brand new?

  • Hi Anders, currently this feature is only available as part of a beta version. If you'd like to be part of the beta just let us know at and we can switch it on for your account. 


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