Build Explore reports to utilize the relationship between parent and child tickets (advanced)

This knowledge base article for the SweetHawk tasks app will cover how to build reports in Zendesk Explore that utilize the relationship between parent and child tickets. 



The report that we'll be creating is a table of all of your parent tickets and their sub-tickets listed next to them and will look something like this: 



To build this report go to Explore and click into the Queries section like this: 


Now click to create a new query at the top right.


Now select Support, set the dataset toTickets, choose the default data set and select New query like this:


At the top right of the screen click add next to metrics click Add, search for Tickets, click Tickets and select Apply like this: Screenshot_16_12_21__12_12_pm.jpg

Now you will need to slice the tickets based on a few things. The first is the Parent ticket ID. Since this is a numeric field you will need to convert this into an attribute. To do this on the right click on the calculator icon and then click into Standard calculated attribute like this: Zendesk_Explore-4.jpg

Now give it a name (eg. Parent ticket ID (attribute)) and type in the calculation: 

VALUE(Parent Ticket ID)

...and click Save like this:Zendesk_Explore-6.jpg

Then under Rows, search for Parent, select Parent ticket ID (attribute) and click Apply:


Now click back onto Parent ticket ID (attribute) and then click on Excluded, check NULL and select Apply


Now add the Ticket ID as another row by following the same steps like this:


Finally add Ticket Subject in the same way and you will end up with a report like this: 


You can also change the names of each column title by clicking on it and typing a name that makes more sense for the report like this:


Lastly ensure that you click to Save the report at the top right hand side before adding it to one of your dashboards.

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