Automatically adding a task list to a ticket

The SweetHawk Tasks app is part of our Super Suite of apps for Zendesk that allows you to dial your Zendesk up to incredible. 

Using the Tasks app, you can automatically add a task list to a ticket at any point, based on any conditions during its lifecycle.

The steps to do this are: 

1. Switch the task list to automatic

2. Create a trigger/automation that adds the task list



1. Switch the task list to automatic

To switch automatic functionality on for a task list go into the tasks admin screen and click on the desired task list.


Then click the edit button at the top next to the task list name.


Finally, click the switch to turn automatic on and click 'OK'.



2. Create a trigger that adds the task list

At the point you set a task list to be automatic, a Zendesk webhook is automatically created behind the scenes. You can use a Zendesk trigger to fire this webhook, which will add the list to the ticket.


There is a shortcut in the app to be able to create this trigger. By going back into your list of task lists you will see the button to Create trigger like this:


After clicking this you will see a popup at the top right hand of the screen that will take you straight to the trigger like this:


Within the newly created trigger, under Meet ALL of the following conditions you will need to alter the conditions to match when you want the list automatically added. For example, you might want a list to be added at the point the ticket is created, and the form is X... but it's completely up to you! 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Whatever you set your rules to, make sure that after the trigger fires that the trigger or automation no longer meets these conditions the next time the ticket is updated. This is called a nullifying condition. Read more about nullifying conditions here

In the example below, we're adding a task list to a ticket at the point it is created and a specific form is selected like this: 


Within the trigger, if you scroll down, under ACTIONS, the webhook that actually adds the task list to the ticket has already been set by the app when the trigger was created. 

You can alter any extra actions as you see fit. 

At the bottom of the trigger click Save to lock in any changes.

To test out adding the task list, simply create, or go to a ticket and replicate the conditions the trigger needs to fire. 

That's it! You're done.

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  • Hello. Can you define the order that these triggers are completed?

    IE: I have multiple task lists to add via the Notify Target Trigger. They seem to happen in random order. Is there a way to make them order in a specific priority. I only need to order the first and the last, the others can be at random. 


    Thank you


  • Hi Ginny, yes due to the way that Zendesk triggers work (ie. all rules where conditions are met fire at exactly the same time on any ticket update) in order to force an order to actions like adding task lists we've created an article about how to go about this here:

  • Is there a way to create a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day email that gets sent for termination ticket that has several sub tasks in it? The last task would be once we receive notice that manager has signed off on moving forward with last task.

  • Hi Rod, you could use our Future Tickets app to schedule follow-up tickets for this. You would need to use ticket templates – similar to that of the task apps – which would then trigger a task list to be added when these tickets get created. If you would like to discuss this further, you can submit a support request at and we'd be happy to help.

  • Is it possible to assign a task list using a macro, rather than a trigger?

  • Hi Daniel, this is on our roadmap. You can still add task lists using a macro (via a trigger) once the ticket is submitted.


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