Creating a view for your tickets with a deadline in the future

To create a view in Zendesk first you'll need to click on the cog at the bottom left side of the screen within the agent interface. Then click on views on the left and "Add View" after that, like this:


Next, you'll need to give your view a name. Then under "Meet all of the following conditions" set the rules:

Ticket: Status - Less than - Solved

Ticket: tags - contains at least one of the following - deadline_pending


Note: The reason why we're specifying tickets that contain the tag "deadline_pending" is because the app automatically adds this tag to any ticket with a deadline in the future. Once the deadline has passed, the tag will be automatically be removed from the ticket and a new tag will be added. 

After that, you'll need to choose the columns that make up the view. Make sure you add "Deadline Date" and "Deadline time" ticket field by dragging them from the left column to the right.


Then you will probably want to order the dates so that the tickets with the soonest deadlines appear at the top of the view. You will also need to group the tickets by 'deadline date' otherwise the ordering won't work correctly. 


Now click on 'Create View' at the bottom like this:


To view your new view, click on views in the main bar, then click on your new view like this: 


That's it! You're done :-)

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