This article will cover common issues you may encounter within the Deadline app and how you can troubleshoot them.


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General troubleshooting

When troubleshooting any issue, a good place to start is by going through the entire process and ensuring all the pieces of the puzzle are present.

These steps are designed to help you pick up on anything that doesn't seem quite right or might be missing.


1. Create a deadline.

This step seems fairly straightforward, however, when you're first getting started, it can be easy to miss that you need to submit the ticket in order to create the event.

You'll know when the event is created successfully when this prompt disappears and a progress bar appears on top indicating how long until the deadline ends.

2. Check the ticket event logs.

Once you've created the event and confirmed that it's visible in the calendar, next we need to check the ticket event logs.

If you're using the Zendesk Agent Workspace, open a ticket and click the events icon ( ) in the conversation header to toggle between ticket conversations and events.

If you're not using the Zendesk Agent workspace, open a ticket and click Conversations under the active comment area, then select Events.

Assuming you've just created a deadline, you'll want to scroll to the latest event logs. These event logs can be broken up into three stages.


Stage 1:

This stage occurs upon ticket submission after creating a deadline. It's important to note that all three fields must be present in order for the deadline to be created. For example, if the time zone field is not present or does that have a valid timezone – the deadline will not functional correctly.


Stage 2:

This stage occurs shortly after stage 1 when a deadline is created and is primarily for adding the tag "deadline_pending". If this does not occur, stage 3 likely will not happen either and there is an issue with the app.


Stage 3:

This is the final stage which occurs upon the completion of the countdown for the deadline. This is where the tag "deadline_now" will be added. This should then activate a trigger – most commonly named "ticket deadline is now" – to perform your desired action. 



If you find anything missing such as the tags not getting added, please contact our support team at for assistance and including screenshots of your event logs similar to the above.

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