Measuring & reporting on the total & average times of a repeating timer.

This article & video explains how to measure how long something takes on a ticket, but also caters for when that thing could take place multiple times on the same ticket.

For example if you wanted to measure how long it takes department X to deal with and then re-assign a ticket, but that ticket could be assigned back to the same department multiple times.

This can be measured using our Timers app. Each time the ticket is assigned to that department, you'd set the timer to start, then when the ticket was assigned away you'd set the timer to stop

Each time the timer is stopped, you would set the app to feed the total elapsed time into a numeric ticket field. You would also set the app to feed the number of times that particular timer has run into another numeric ticket field. 

This data would then seamlessly be ported over into Zendesk Explore where you will easily be able to slice, dice and churn out whatever report you want. 

Here is a video walkthrough running how to go about building this type of setup and flow in 5 steps.

1. Create ticket fields where the timer info will be recorded. (jump to 2:16

2. Create the Timer “Dev action time (mins)”. (jump to 4:49)

3. Create the triggers that start & stop the timer. (jump to 9:19)

4. Test your Timer is working, then hide the fields. (jump to 11:28)

5. Build your report in Explore. (jump to 16:21)



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