Why does the legacy Timers app open when I attempt to open the new one?

This article was created specifically to cover an issue you may encounter when upgrading to the new Timers app.


This will only impact installations of the legacy app back when it was called "Timers" instead of "SLA Timers" which is the current name. If you are installed the Timers app for the first time, please ignore this article.


This Issue:

When two apps have the same name, the one higher on the navbar list will always open regardless of which one is selected. This makes it impossible to configure the new app.


The Solution:

Disable the legacy app.

Disabling the legacy timers app will be the most direct approach. An alternative approach would be to re-order the apps so that the one you wish to view is on top.


Rename one of the apps:

The more realistic solution would be to rename one of the apps until you've had time to recreate your timers in the new one. Once this is complete, you can disable or uninstall the legacy app, and then rename the new app back to its original state.





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