Our new Notify app has been completely remade so it's now easier than ever to setup and manage your Zendesk notifications. Now with browser popup support, your agents will be able to see important announcements, even when they don't have the Zendesk window active!


New updates include:

  • Browser Based Popups - Each agent has their own individual settings where they can enable browser popups, so they will be alerted even with their Zendesk window minimised. This will also save the notification in their Notification hub of their OS.

  • Sound Control - Additionally in the agent settings, agents can select their own sound type and volume of the notification within Zendesk.

  • Agent Options - The "Dismiss all" and "Mark all as done" options are now always shown the the agents within their app.

  • New User Interface (UI) - Updated with all our new SweetHawk apps, the Tasks app has a new Admin User Interface, making setting up notifications much easier.

  • Additional App Managers - You can now setup multiple managers of the Notify app, so a Team Leader will be able to setup their own notifications without needing to be an admin.

  • Audit Log - A new admin area now shows a useful audit log of all creates and updates of rules on your account.

Please note that the broadcast feature has been moved to our new Broadcast app.

Migrating to the New App:

For a seamless transition, we recommend installing the new app from the Zendesk Marketplace on your Sandbox account first to test the rules.

If you don't have a Zendesk Sandbox, you can install the new app alongside the old one for testing purposes. Please ensure the new app has a different name as the old app when installing to avoid any conflicts.

Contact us for an extended trial on the new app; we do not charge for testing instances.

Ongoing Support:

While we have no plans to end support for the legacy Notify app, we will focus on updating and adding new features exclusively to the new version.

Upgrade to the New Notify App Today!

Make the most of the enhanced features and improved usability by upgrading to the new Notify app. Install it today from the Zendesk Marketplace and experience a more efficient way to manage your Zendesk notifications.

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