Workflows allow you to do something on a ticket, relative to the start or end of a calendar event. They can also be used in both the Deadline and Due Time apps and they work in almost exactly the same way. 

Say we'd like the team to get an email reminder 15 minutes before the event starts. To do this click on the calendar icon in the main bar on the left and then on the "Workflows" tab at the top right. 

Then click "Add workflow" at the bottom like this:


Give your workflow a name, choose when it will fire and what part of the event it will fire relative to. Define the tag that will automatically be added to the ticket at the time of the workflow and finally, if you want the assignee to receive a popup notification in Zendesk define what you want it to say at the bottom like this: 


Once you've created your workflow, you will see a one-time clickable "Create trigger" button next to it in the list of workflows like this: 


Clicking this will automatically create a basic trigger that fires at the time of the workflow. You can tweak this trigger to do or say whatever you want under 'Actions'.


For example, if you want to make sure the ticket is moved is moved back into the Agents' radar, you could also set the status to "Open" as shown above.

Note: Under 'Actions' you will see one rule that automatically gets created at the time the trigger is created. This is "Remove tags" -> "15_min_event_reminder" in the example above, but the tag will match the one you defined in the workflow. It is important not to remove this rule as it stops the trigger from looping every time the ticket is updated after the workflow fires. 

Once you're happy with what your trigger is making happen at the time of the workflow click on "Save" at the bottom and then test it out on a test ticket to make sure it all works swimmingly :-)



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