What better place to get started in Zendesk than to understand the anatomy of a ticket. In the video below, we'll go through everything you need to know about a Zendesk ticket, we'll do an example walk-through and at the end, you'll get an activity to help you remember everything you've learned...



Some notes on ticket statuses, as covered at the end of the above video are: 

NEW: Tickets are only in a new status once. These tickets have not yet been assigned to an agent. 

PENDING: The ticket is waiting for the customer to get back. When the customer responds, the ticket will automatically be set to the Open status.

OPEN: The ticket is waiting for the agent to respond to the customer. This status makes it easy for agents to know what tickets they should be working on. 

ON-HOLD: The ticket is waiting on a 3rd party. In other words the customer can not be responded to or the ticket can not be completed without outside assistance. 

SOLVED: The ticket has been resolved

CLOSED: The ticket is archived. Closed tickets can not be altered in any way.

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  • Nice Video, I wish I had seen this 3 years ago when we set up our Zendesk account.  That being said never knew how to use the problem/incident and also the 'add macro' from a ticket function so that it added the comment too but the trick is to submit it first !

    Nice work. 


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