A timer schedule within the SweetHawk Timers app for Zendesk allows you to set the times of day and the days that a timer will run. For example, you may want a timer that only runs between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. Additionally you may also want to exclude specific days of the year such as public holidays. This is all doable with timer schedules. 


Syncing schedules from Zendesk:

Timer schedules are the same in concept to Zendesk schedules. So a short-cut to creating your schedules in the Timers app is simply to sync them up. To do this, under the schedules part of the timers app, click Sync like this:


...then click OK to the screen that pops up letting you know what is about to happen. 


Creating Schedules: 

If you don't have any Zendesk schedules or you want to create a schedule from scratch you can do so by clicking Add schedule at the top right. 


Now you can set the times of days you want your timers running and, at the bottom, you can add as many holidays as you need by clicking the + on the right hand side of the screen. 

Once you're happy with the times of day / holidays click on Save at the bottom right.

Note that you are able to create an unlimited number of schedules to match all of your timer needs. 



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