June 2, 2022 - Approve app: Recipient improvements & granular updates on tickets based on approval status.

Changes have been made to the SweetHawk Approve app for Zendesk to improve who an approval can be sent to, visibility around initial approvers, and what you can change on a ticket when something happens on an approval. 

New Stuff:

Extra approval events.

Granular approval events for each approval definition.

Recipient definition improvements.

Initial recipient visibility for agents.


Ticket update improvements: Extra approval events.

Updates can now be specified on a range of new approval events. Instead of just being able to make changes when either the status changes, or a response has been made by an approver, you're now able to push updates to tickets for extra events: 

Pre-existing approval events to push updates on: 

  • Approval status change
  • New response

New approval events to push updates on: 

  • Approval denied
  • Approval timeout
  • New approval step
  • New approve response
  • New decline response
  • New abstain response


Ticket update improvements: Granular approval events for each approval definition.

Previously the ability to push updates to a ticket were only available on a global level, meaning that no matter what happened on any definition, the update that got pushed to the ticket was the same for all of them. 

Now you can set these updates to be different on each definition. The way that this looks is at the bottom of each approval definition there is a new section that looks like this:


By clicking Add event this gives you the ability to choose what approval events you want to act on like this:


For each type of approval event, you can then select to change anything about the ticket. For example, marking the ticket as Solved or adding a definition specific tag like this:


Note that if you set to change something on an individual approval definition, it will override any global setting you have for the same thing. If a conflict is detected, a warning message will appear to let you know that you're about to override the global settings.


Recipient definition improvements: 

When creating an approval definition, there is now an advanced mode that you can toggle to which allows you to type in or search for placeholders to reference ticket, user and organisation fields.


In the new advanced recipient mode you can alter who an approval gets sent to as free text. Screenshot_3_6_2022__2_31_pm.jpg

There is error checking on the advanced recipient field to ensure that placeholders are structured correctly and if issues are found it will report it like this:SweetHawk____Zendesk.jpg


Initial recipient visibility for agents.

If an approval is applied to a ticket and it has not yet been sent, then the app will now display the email addresses of the initial approval recipients. 


This will help agents initiating approval to ensure that its being sent to the correct people. It is especially helpful if the approver(s) are being set based on ticket, user or organisation fields which may not otherwise be obvious. 



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