How can I disable/enable a Zendesk app?

This article will cover how you can both disable and enable a Zendesk app. This is useful for pausing billing to an app or you simply wish to troubleshoot an issue.

If you are following instructions on how to disable/enable an app based on one of our troubleshooting articles or advice given by our support team, please follow steps 1-4 on How to disable/enable an app.


This article contains the following sections:


How to disable/enable an app:

1. Navigate to the Admin Center located in the top right corner.


2. Select Apps and integrations, then Zendesk Support apps from the left navbar.


3. Navigate to your Enabled apps, select the cog icon on the desired app to access the drop-down menu, then toggle the slider button below where it displays "Enabled". This will disable the app.


IMPORTANT: Do not accidently uninstall the app during this step as the options are close together.


4. Navigate to your Disabled apps located directly below, select the cog icon on the desired app to access the drop-down menu, then toggle the slider button below where it displays "Disabled". This will enable the app.

We recommend waiting 10 seconds before enabling an app once it has been disabled.


You may want to refresh the browser at this stage before testing to ensure the issue has been resolved.


How to pause billing?

If you wish to pause billing for an app, you only need to complete steps 1-3 from the instructions above and when you are ready, you can complete step 4 to enable the app.

Disabling the app will effectively reduce the number of agents with access to zero. This means you may receive a final invoice depending on your usage, however, it will most likely be a credit to your SweetHawk balance for any unused time.


This will not pause billing if you are subscribed to our Super Suite. Learn how to manage your billing for the Super Suite.



Disabling your apps can be a great way to troubleshoot an issue, however, an even better method would be to disable your apps within the browser tab so that it does not impact other agents.

You can add "?noapps" to the end of your URL within Zendesk to do this and when you're finished, simply refresh the browser and the apps will be reloaded.

If you need to disable a specific app you can change this to "?noapps=installation_id".

You can retrieve the installation ID for your apps from the following link.

A JSON viewer browser extension is recommended for easier visibility.


If you encounter any issues not documented on our help center, you can contact our support team at before attempting to disable your apps.

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