How can I change plan for a Zendesk app?


If you are subscribed to our Super Suite, you can follow these steps to upgrade your plan to the highest tier free of charge. All billing is consolidated through the Suite so you will not be billed twice if you enter your payment details while the subscription is active. Learn how to get more value out of Zendesk with our Super Suite.

If an app has multiple plans available, you are given the option to select a plan when installing the app through the marketplace. This will also provide a summary of what you get with each plan.



If you have already installed the app, you can still change your plan at any time by following these instructions.

To start, you will need to access your apps either through Zendesk Support or via the Admin Center, then from there, you can select the app you wish to change the plan for by selecting Change settings as seen below.

Zendesk Support:


Admin Center:



Under Select your plan, you should see all available plans including your current plan.



When you select a new plan, you will be prompted with the new monthly cost and will be required to re-enter payment details.



Once complete, you will be placed on a trial for the new plan and billed for the full amount once this expires. Please note, any unused time on the previous plan will be added to your account as a credit. This credit will go towards any of your SweetHawk app subscriptions. Learn more about how to purchase credit in order to consolidate billing.

Note: Your app configuration is kept when changing plans so you don't need to start from scratch.

If you encounter any problems, please contact our support team at

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  • I need more information about the plans, for example, our organization includes 50 employees, but we just need the subscription for a group or 2 in ZD, can this be done, or the billing will be for all the agents in the organization

  • Hi Ahmed, yes you can purchase apps that are billed per agent for specific users by enabling role and/or group restrictions. More on restrictions here.


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