July 16, 2021 - Notify app: Broadcast, activity and admin functionality added

New functionality has been built into the Notify app to add a new ability to create ad-hoc broadcast messages, see notifications activity and control app access. New features are:

  • A new section called Create Broadcast provides the ability to broadcast messages to agents outside the flow of any ticket.


    Broadcasted messages always appear at the top of the notifications feed as indicated by a red highlight on the left side.


    They also appear in the admin Activity section and are displayed in the same way (also at the top with a red highlight on the left side).
  • A new section called Activity shows a feed of the most recent notifications activity. This feed shows a list of notifications regardless of whom they were originally sent to.


    There is an ability to delete any item from within the admin activity feed.


    The activity feed is limited to showing only the last 100 notifications.

  • There are new admin controls providing greater leverage over who has access to administer and manage the app.


    Zendesk administrators can be added as app admins. Admins are given full access to the app.
    Non-Zendesk administrators can be added as app managers. Managers are given the same access within the app as what is set within their Zendesk agent role settings. This may mean that some managers have access to more controls than other managers.

  • Visual and performance improvements to the entire admin user interface.

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