May 24, 2021 Tasks & Subtickets UI and scalability features.

A series of improvements have been made to the Tasks & Subtickets app to improve the UI and its scalability. 



You can now add a task list or check the audit log with 1 click instead of 2 with the new buttons at the top right of the apps pane.




When applying a task list to a ticket or converting a task to a sub-ticket, you can now search for the one you're needing. For accounts that use large numbers of task lists and templates, this will save time finding the appropriate items:





Granular settings for which task lists are required:

Previously if you wanted all tasks to be completed before the ticket could be marked as solved, you could only set this on a global level (ie. for all task lists). Now you able to set this on each task list. To do this go to settings and then make sure the switch for Allow tickets to be solved with incomplete tasks is on like this: 


Then, to set each task list individually, go into task lists (1), edit the desired task list (2) and set it at the bottom (3).



Progress header:

The progress header that shows the task completion count on a ticket is now more discernible. It will also turn to green the instant that all required tasks are completed like this: 




Adding lists multiple times to a ticket: 

For task lists that have been set as 'grouped', up until now you have been restricted to being only able to add these once to each ticket. You can now add these task lists an unlimited amount of times. (Note that for automatically added lists, you are still limited to adding these once per ticket). 


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