April 29, 2021 Notify app: UI re-write & performance enhancements

We've re-written much of the way the Notify app UI works in order to improve performance. 

  • Setting the recipients of a notification has been changed in order to limit API calls and improve performance. You can now search for users or groups specifically. For larger accounts, this also makes finding the right user or group easier.


  • Triggers can now be created inline. IE. When creating any notification it is now possible to select the (new trigger) option and at the point that the notification is updated, a link to the new trigger will popup at the top right of the screen.


  • The notification object is no longer stored on SweetHawk servers. All notification information is now stored in the trigger that initiates the notification.

  • Notifications can no longer exist without being linked to an existing trigger.

  • UI changes to better mirror Zendesk styling. 

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