How to subscribe to the Super Suite

The Super Suite is our unique offering that allows you to purchase a subscription to all of our apps for one low price on one single bill.


The steps to sign-up to the Super Suite are as follows:

Step 1: Install the Super Suite.

Step 2: Subscribe to the Super Suite. 

Step 3: Install each app with a single click. 



Step 1. To install our Super Suite app, go to it on the Zendesk marketplace here and at the top right-hand side of the screen click on Install like this: 




You will NOT need to enter in your credit card details to do this, just select the account you want it on and click Install like this:


Then you'll need to click Install again like this:


Finally, you will need to enable the app by clicking the new Super Suite icon in the main bar on the left, then on Activate app like this:



Step 2. Subscribe to the Super Suite.

You can subscribe to the Super Suite by first clicking on the new Super Suite icon in the main bar on the left. Then under the Subscription section click Subscribe like this: 


Once you're subscribed, billing for all individual SweetHawk apps will henceforth be controlled by this subscription. 


Note: It is not mandatory to subscribe to the Super Suite the instant you install the app. If you would like to test some of the apps out, you can install the apps on individual trials as per step 3.


If you have existing SweetHawk apps already installed, you do not need to uninstall the apps in order for them to be included in the Super Suite. Any individual app subscriptions will automatically be halted and all billing from that point on will all be through the Super Suite. 


Step 3. Once you've subscribed to the Super Suite, in your Zendesk account, in the Apps section, you will then be able to install any or all of our apps with a single click. 






Note that if you're installing any SweetHawk apps on your sandbox account, the apps will automatically be set to free so that you will not be charged to test our apps out, indefinitely.


Install Super Suite


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