What is the Super Suite and how can I subscribe?

The Super Suite is an all-access pass to all current and future SweetHawk apps that includes the highest tier plan where applicable. Rest easy knowing you will have the latest features our apps have to offer!

For instructions on how to subscribe, please refer to this article.

What can I use the Super Suite for?

ITSM/Change Management flows, HR process automation, Project management, SLA/OLA enforcement, Complex workflows, Custom notifications, CSAT and NPS reporting and much more… This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have customers across all verticals and all sizes from single-agent instances to thousands of agents that rely on our apps for all types of use cases.

Can I trial the Super Suite before subscribing?

Yes. A subscription is not required in order to install apps via the Super Suite app. Think of the app as an installation manager when you are not subscribed. This is a great way to try multiple apps without entering payment details which you can learn how to do here.


Please be aware that trials and pricing for individual apps still apply. If you do not wish to be billed after the trial expires, please ensure you uninstall the app or subscribe to the Super Suite before this occurs.

How much does the Super Suite cost and can it be purchased for a select number of agents?

Pricing for the Super Suite can be found here and can only be purchased for all of your Zendesk agents. If you wish to purchase an app for a select number of agents on your account, please refer to the individual app pricing and apply restrictions as needed.

I have existing SweetHawk apps, do I need to uninstall these in order to subscribe to the Super Suite?

No changes are required in order to subscribe to the Super Suite. Simply subscribe and any existing or future apps will automatically be included. Any individual app subscriptions will automatically be halted and all billing from that point on will all be through the Super Suite. 

How can I update my billing details?

Managing your billing details can be done via the Super Suite app by navigating to the subscription tab and selecting manage subscription. More information here

How do I cancel my Super Suite subscription?

Please see this article for details on how to cancel. 


Uninstalling the Super Suite app will not cancel your subscription. If required, you can disable the app once any changes have been completed in order to free up space on your main navbar.

Does the Super Suite really include all apps?

Yes the Super Suite includes all of our apps and will include any new apps we release. For apps that have tiered pricing the Super Suite will include the highest tier.

Are payment options other than credit card available?

Yes! Invoiced billing is available by request, we can work with PO’s and can take payment via wire transfer to our US bank account.

Can I pay via invoice & wire transfer? 

Yes, this is available for annual subscriptions only. To do this please ensure you have installed and enabled the Super Suite app. Then email support@sweethawk.com with your Zendesk URL, billing address & billing contact information and we can generate the invoice for you. 

If I'm paying for the Super Suite annually, how am I actually charged if my number of full agents changes?

When your next invoice is generated, any increase in full agents will be pro-rated. However, if the number of agents increases by a large percentage we may manually intervene and send through an adjustment invoice part way through a billing cycle. 

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