February 23, 2021 Tasks & Ticket Templates

A series of improvements and bug fixes have been released, many in relation to Ticket Templates which is a component common to the Tasks app, the Recurring Tickets app and the Future Tickets app.



  • Any requester can now be set on a ticket template. You can now search a list of all users within your Zendesk instance and specify whomever you like:

  • From email address can now be set using ticket templates (ie. The address to which the requester will receive email notifications from).

  • Setting relative dates with liquid markup is now possible. You can now set a date either into a date field, text field, multi-line text field, subject or description of a ticket template in Tasks, Future Tickets and Deadline. For example this liquid...
    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'America/New_York' | date: '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M' }}
    ...will insert the present date and time for the America/New York timezone into a text field or description of a ticket. 

    If you're needing to set a date field specifically, removing the time element of the liquid will allow this to be done like this:
    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Melbourne' | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}
    You can also set dates relative to now. For instance, placing this code...
    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Melbourne' | date:'%s' | plus: 86400 | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}
    ...into a date field in a ticket template will set the date to exactly one day in the future from now. Note that the number 86400 is the number of seconds. So 86400 = 1 day, 3600 = 1 hour and 604800 = 1 week. You'll need to calculate the time as required.

  • It is now possible to copy and paste details from the notes section of any task like this: 

  • Inactive Zendesk forms will no longer appear as options within ticket templates.

  • Saving the settings section of the tasks app now provides a visual confirmation popup.



Bug fixes:

  • At the point a sub-ticket was being generated, in some cases, the spinning loader icon was being hidden. 

  • After setting a task list to automatic, when clicking 'create trigger', the associated target was not getting created fast enough in some cases which caused an error to appear in the trigger.

  • Editing ad-hoc tasks were failing to save.

  • Tasks history on a ticket was missing icons for each of the types of task actions.


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  • Hi, I'm using this code to add a custom due date to my ticket template in recurring tickets. 

    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Perth' | date:'%s' | plus: 604800 | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}

    I'm wanting to instead add only business days. Is there a way to do that please? 



  • Hi Fred, unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use liquid to set a date X time within business time in the future. You can only do it based on calendar time. 

  • Hi Peter, 

    I managed to put this into a template date field and get a date that was always 10 working days from the ticket creation date. So not technically using business days and you'd have to adjust the days away with some care for other variations that went over more weekends, but this did the trick for me. 

    It adds 13 days if on a Saturday, 12 if on a Sunday and 14 if on a weekday. Always landing you 10 working days away. 

    {% assign wday = 'now' | date: "%a" %}

    {% if wday == 'Sat'%}

    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Perth' | date:'%s' | plus: 1123200 | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}

    {% endif %}

    {% if wday == 'Sun' %}

    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Perth' | date:'%s' | plus: 1036800 | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}

    {% endif %}

    {% if wday != 'Sat' and wday != 'Sun' %}

    {{ 'now' | in_time_zone: 'Australia/Perth' | date:'%s' | plus: 1209600 | date: '%Y-%m-%d' }}

    {% endif %}

  • Wow Fred - that is some outside the box thinking! Thanks for sharing!!


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