December 9, 2020 New features & bug fixes across Recurring tickets, Future Tickets, Deadline, Reminders and Calendar

New Features: 

Recurring Ticket & Future Tickets app:

  • When specifying a date in a ticket template, rather than having to type it in manually, you can now select it like this:

  • There is a new search function in the admin section of Future tickets & Recurring tickets allowing you to more easily find and grant manager or admin access to the apps like this:



Bug Fixes

Recurring Tickets & Future Tickets

  • Fixed bug where if in a ticket template, you selected an assignee and then selected a group that the assignee was not in, it would still indicate the ticket would be assigned to that agent.

Recurring Tickets

  • Fixed bug where if you manually typed in a time into ticket schedule and pressed enter it would revert to the closest time in the dropdown. 
  • Fixed bug where the selection of the public/private comment in the template section would override the selection of public/private comment when defining a schedule. 

Future tickets, Deadline & Reminders

  • Fixed bug where you were able to set either a deadline, reminder or a future ticket to be created in the past. Now it will prevent you from being able to select dates and times in the past and for edge cases, it will either warn or prevent you from creating the timed event. For example, in Reminders, you will see an error message like this:


Calendar, Reminders, Deadline

  • Fixed bug where the time picker was aligning to the left of the apps pane. 

Future Tickets

  • Fixed bug where double-clicking on "Done" would result in multiple future tickets being scheduled. 


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