October 6, 2020 NEW APPS: Recurring Tickets & Future Tickets

We're excited to introduce a couple of sweet new apps to help make your life easier. Now you can automate tickets to be created in the future.

Recurring Tickets

The Recurring Tickets app lets you plan tickets to automatically be created at intervals in the future.

You just define at what interval you want and set the details of the ticket.

Whether you're needing to schedule:

  • Regular customer check-ins 
  • Contract renewals
  • Security audits 
  • Safety audits
  • Backing up files
  • Resetting passwords
  • Doing the monthly payroll

...or anything else that you or your team need to perform on a repeating basis, you can set to happen with this app.

Now you can plan ahead, with certainty and audit-ability, with the Recurring Tickets app.


INSTALL the Recurring Tickets app here


Future Tickets

The Future Tickets app lets agents automatically spin-up follow-ups to any existing ticket at a future time of their choice.

This helps keep Zendesk clean of unwanted noise. Instead of agents keeping tickets open for months, clogging up views & reporting, only so they can remember to do something, they can now solve their existing tickets and simply re-schedule that contact to happen in the future. They can even choose to duplicate everything on the original ticket into the future ticket.


INSTALL the Future Tickets app here


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