Mapping the latest approver to a custom text field


This article is regarding the Zendesk approvals app Approvals app.
If you're needing information on our newer app named  Zendesk approvals app Approve, please see this section of our knowledge base.

You are able to automatically display the current approver on a ticket to end-users via the help centre. This can be done by mapping it to a custom Zendesk ticket text field of your choice and might look something like this when an end-user is viewing their ticket: 


The field can also be used in macros to enable agents to quickly communicate who an approval is waiting on. 

The steps to set this up are. 

1. Create a custom Zendesk text field called "Current Approver". 

2. Add the text field to the applicable forms. 

3. Set the mapped field in the Approvals app's settings. 


Step 1: Creating a Zendesk custom field. 

To create a custom field in Zenesk, click on the cog on the right, then in Ticket Fields, click on Add field like this:


Then select Text, name the field (You can name it anything you like but Current approver is appropriate in this case), ensure it is visible to end-users and finally save it like this: 



Step 2: Adding the field to applicable forms. 

Note: If you're on a Zendesk plan that doesn't have access to forms you can skip this step. 

To add a ticket field to a form, in the Zendesk cog, go to Ticket Forms and select your form like this: 


Next, on the right search for the field you just created and drag it to the left like this: 



Step 3: Mapping the field in the Approvals app settings. 

To map the new field so that it is automatically set to match whom the current approver is, first go into the Approvals app's settings and then, under Approver ticket field select your new field like this:



One last thing to note about this feature is that this field is populated the moment approval is requested and not when it is granted.



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