Changing the email sender domain of your approvals emails


This article is regarding the Zendesk approvals app Approvals app.
If you're needing information on our newer app named  Zendesk approvals app Approve, please see this section of our knowledge base.

By default, all emails that get sent to approvers from the approvals app are sent from however you are able to change this to with a few steps. 

1. Change the 'email sender domain' under "Settings". 

2. Update your CNAME mapping records. 

3. Create records on your DNS provider.



Step 1. To change the email sender domain, first go to the admin part of the app, and click on settings like this: 



Step 2. Then you will need to fill out what you'd like the name of the approval email to be, the domain it is being sent from (eg.  ) and click 'Save settings' like this: 


Note: The domain must have only dots in it. ie. slashes ( / ) or at symbols ( @ ) will not work as part of the email sender domain. 


After the above has taken place, at the bottom, this will popup some records unique to your account like this: 



Step 3. At this point, you will then need to use this information to create records on your DNS provider. The process for doing this will be different for every DNS provider so if you're not sure how to do this or you don't have access to your DNS provider, you should email the 3 sets of records, hosts and values to your systems administrator. 

Once the information has been added to your DNS provider, you can check to verify that it has been mapped successfully by clicking "Click here to verify" like this: 


You will then receive a notification telling you if it has been setup successfully.


If you don't receive any notification, the verification has likely failed and you will need to confirm that all the records match (both host and value) exactly what is shown in the app.

If you're having any trouble getting this setup, email us at or open a ticket here


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