How do I manage my billing details?

This article will explain what to expect from us regarding notifications and an overview of the different functions in the billing portal. Your billing portal is where you can manage the subscription to all your SweetHawk Apps in the one place. Some key functions of this include:

  • Update default card payment details.
  • Purchase 12 months of credit balance. 
  • View the current status of your apps.
  • View a complete history of all your past invoices.
  • Update billing information.

In order to access your billing portal, locate and select the Manage Billing link found in the bottom left (or right) corner of most of our apps after selecting the icon from the left navbar. For newer apps such as field conditions, this can be found under the Admin section.



If you are unable to locate this, there is also a link in the monthly email invoices we send out, however, please don't hesitate to contact us at and we would be happy to assist.

Billing Portal Overview:



1. Navigation bar: Access the different sections of your billing portal via this navigation bar.

2. Your Zendesk domain name: If you have multiple Zendesk instances, this can help you identify which account you are currently viewing in the billing portal.

3. Credit card: You can enter new card details by selecting "update card" or "add a card" and following the prompts.

4. Account balance: You can choose to purchase credit on your account which will be used for all your SweetHawk apps. Any remaining credit on your account with us will be displayed here. For more details on how annual billing works, click here.

5. Related content: You will find these related articles throughout the billing portal which answer commonly asked questions and help to explain the details behind the Zendesk marketplace billing system.




1. Manage apps: Displays the number of SweetHawk apps you have installed along with a link to your App Management page within Zendesk.

2. App Status: Displays the current status of all your apps. If the app is billed per agent, the number of agents will be displayed next to the status. This is also where you can retry a payment that has failed once the issue has been resolved. (Available for the 'past_due' or 'unpaid' status)

  • "trialing" - Displays the number of full days remaining on your trial.
  • "active" - Normal operating status of an app once payment is successful.
  • "past_due" - The app will remain in this state for a period of time until payment is received. If no payment is received after a set duration, the status will change to "unpaid".
  • "unpaid" - The app is now disabled until successful payment is received.
  • "disabled" - The app has been disabled by one your Zendesk Admins through the App Management page in Zendesk. Once disabled, the next invoice will not charge you for future instalments until activated again.




1. Statement/Invoice: Displays a history of all your past invoice which you can then print or download.



  • Billing notification email address(es): You can enter individuals who will receive the billing notifications.
  • Company details: You can enter your company details which will appear on all invoices when you print or download them. If you enter the incorrect details, you can simply update them here and re-download the invoices again.

Email Notifications:

These notifications will be sent out during the different stages of your subscription as well as when a certain event occurs such as when your credit balance is low or payment has failed.

- Welcome to your free trial

- App trial ends soon

- Monthly invoice

- Low credit balance

- Payment failed

- App disabled

- API connection/authorization issue



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