Can I restrict which agents I’m paying for?

Yes, you're able to restrict which agents you're paying for by enabling role and/or group restrictions. We've written an article on how this works here.


How do I get a copy of my invoices?

Each month we automatically send an email to the Zendesk administrator who installed the SweetHawk app containing that month’s invoice. The email will also contain a secure link to your billing portal where you can download a complete history of your invoices and update who receives the automatic monthly email.


Can I install an app without entering my credit card?

Yes. You can use the coupon code NOCC when installing one of our apps and this will remove the need for entering your card details. 

Once the app is installed, you'll be put onto a free trial. During your trial period, you will need to arrange a credit card or another payment method so that at the end of the trial you do not lose access to the app. 


How do I change the credit card I’m being charged on?

You can change your credit card at any time by heading to your SweetHawk billing portal. In the 'Home' section, just click ‘Update Card’ like this:




Can I pay for SweetHawk apps on a yearly basis instead of monthly?

Due to how Zendesk apps are billed through the marketplace, there is no way for us to know how many agents will need access to an app over the course of a whole year. As such, instead of paying annually, you are able to purchase credit for the usage you estimate you will require for the next 12 months. That credit is then used to draw from each month until it runs out. So based on a daily pro-rata calculation of the number of agents you give app access to, your credit may last longer or shorter than 12 months. We've written a knowledge base article which explains more how this works here.


How do I cancel billing for a SweetHawk app?

To cancel billing you will need to uninstall the app. See here for more info on how to do this.


I read that your apps are free to install on my Sandbox account. Why is it still asking for my credit card details?

Yes, we do have a policy of not charging for sandbox accounts, but because Zendesk does not allow an app to be installed without first entering credit card details, you will still need to put them in to complete the install. After this point we’ll mark the account as free, but if you’d like confirmation that this has been done feel free to email us at

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