This article will cover how to receive a pop-up notification within Zendesk based on a ticket event and/or as a one time broadcast.

Pop-up notifications within Zendesk are great when your agents are getting overwhelmed with emails and allow them to focus on what's important. They are also extremely useful when combined with other SweetHawk apps such as deadline in order to receive a timed notification reminder on a ticket.


This article contains the following sections:


Create or identify a trigger

The first step when creating a notification would be to create or identify a trigger that will deliver a pop-up notification to your agents.

If you are creating a new trigger, there is an option to do this from within the notification template, however, it is not a requirement.


Depending on how complicated the trigger conditions are, we recommend creating and testing the trigger before creating a notification template to ensure it activates correctly. Using something as simple as a tag that gets added to the ticket when the trigger activates will be sufficient. This will save you time when needing to troubleshoot why the notification is not working.

If you're identifying an existing trigger, the best place to start looking would be the default triggers created within Zendesk for notifying the assignee/assignee group of a ticket update.


Notify assignee of comment update

Notify assignee of assignment

Notify assignee of reopened ticket

Notify group of assignment

Notify all agents of received request


You can replace email notifications entirely with pop-up notifications by removing the email action from your default triggers once you've created a notification.


Create a notification template

1. Select the Notify app from the main navbar, then select Notification templates from within the app.


2. Select Add template from the notification templates screen.


3. Input the desired configuration, then select preview, followed by OK once you are happy with the look of the pop-up notification.


UI Element Description
Trigger Choose when a notification will be delivered to your agents.
Message Choose what message will be delivered to your agents. You can include Zendesk placeholders within the message.
Recipients Choose who will receive the message from within your agents that have access to the app. Some examples are:
Pop-up banner type Choose the urgency of the pop-up notification.
Require agent to dismiss pop-up Choose whether an agent must dismiss the pop-up notification.
Notification feed icon Choose the icon that will appear in the notification feed.
Preview Prompt a preview pop-up notification within Zendesk.


Your notification should now be active. Whenever your trigger fires within Zendesk, so should a pop-up notification appear which will remain in your agent's notification feed until dismissed.

Pop-up notification:


Notification feed:



If your notification is not working as expected, please refer to our article on how to troubleshoot notifications. Once you've confirmed the notification works, you can try our beta feature for browser notification that works with Chrome and Firefox.


Create a broadcast

Broadcast notifications differ in that they are sent immediately rather than whether a trigger fires. This is useful if you need to notify your agents of an important event the next time they sign into Zendesk.

1. Select the Notify app from the main navbar, then select Create broadcast from within the app.


2. Input the desired configuration, then select Send.


UI Element Description
Message Choose what message will be delivered to your agents.
Recipients Choose who will receive the message from within your agents that have access to the app.
Priority message Choose to interrupt your agents with a large pop-up window.


Your broadcast should now be sent as a pop-up notification to the agents listed as a recipient and will remain in their notification feed until dismissed.

Pop-up notification (non-priority):


Pop-up notification (priority):


Notification feed:



If you have any issues with the app, please reach out to our support team at for assistance.

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  • Hi David, thanks for posting. Yes, there is a beta feature of the app that is capable of sending browser notifications (provided you have the Zendesk agent interface open in any tab).

    To turn these notifications on all you'll need to do is go to and click 'Allow' in the automatic popup like this: 

    Once you've allowed it, notifications that fire from that point on should also come through as Chrome or Firefox notifications (depending on your browser). Note that this needs to be enabled individually for each agent that wants to receive them. 

  • Hi Abed, Unfortunately, the app cannot dynamically determine the recipient for an @mentioned target since this data is not specifically stored within the ticket.

    A potential workaround might be to send the notification to the ticket collaborators as agents/end-users automatically become one when @mentioned in a ticket. 

    Another limiting factor is with Zendesk triggers/automations which as far as I'm aware, does not currently offer suitable conditions for @mentioned/Collaborators in order to determine when to fire.

  • As fantastic as this is for an extension within Zendesk, Does the notify app work as a desktop notification handler as well? For high traffic service desks, this is great for busy days where torrents of emails flood in. However, for quieter service desks, such as in our case where we don't have any dedicated agents. 

    Due to the nature of our IT department, we have many pots on the boil on a daily basis (Support tickets being one of those pots) and can't keep Zendesk open all day waiting in anticipation for a ticket.

    If this isn't an existing feature, do you guys offer a relevant app/are you working on implementing this in the future? 

  • How can we configure notifications for when we get @mentions? I'd like to turn off emails @mentions and for followers, but replace it with Notify's notifications instead. 


    Please advise.

  • Hey,

    Are there any plans for notifications to be able to work with Zendesk automations? It would be great to get notifications when an SLA is set to expire or a ticket has remained unassigned for x amount of time etc.

  • Hi Gwyn, I can confirm that automation also works with notifications. It's not obvious but if you scroll down the list of triggers, they should be located at the bottom. If you have any issues with getting these to work, you can submit a request with our support team!

  • Hi, may i know if notification support sounds? thanks!

  • Hi Yi, yes it does! Agents can enable sound alerts from within the top right drop-down tray. More details on this are here.


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