What data is stored and for how long?

The survey app does not store personal data of your customers

All our apps are GDPR/CCPA compliant

The Survey app stores:

  • Anonymous survey data, associated with a Zendesk ticket record (0-10 ticket scores, reason for scores, timestamps)
  • Anonymised ticket data (data like status, IDs and timestamps)
  • IP address of the device where the survey was recorded

The reason we don't need to process or store the names and email addresses of end users is because the surveys are sent via Zendesk triggers and automations, using a secure token which we recorded with the Zendesk user record.

Please note that if you use other apps by SweetHawk, personally identifiable information can be stored for other reasons depending on the functionality of those apps. However, for all our apps, including Survey, our privacy policy applies and we are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

When assessing SweetHawk for data processing purposes, please note that Survey does store personal data of the admins/managers/agents of the app (your agents in Zendesk), but not of your customers (your end users in Zendesk).

For more information about how our app server works, please read: Technical Documentation.

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