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Approval Groups allow you to send approvals to a group of people. Additionally, you're able to define the percentage of approvers that need to say yes to the approval before it is considered granted. 

To create an approval group in the admin settings of the app, click on the "Approval Groups" tab and at the bottom click on "Add approval group" like this: 


Then you'll need to name the group, choose who is in it, set how many people need to approve before the approval is considered "Granted" and click "Create" at the bottom like this:


Now that the approval group has been created. You can set the group on an approval template by scrolling to the bottom of the "Primary approver" menu like this:




Work Around: Automatically Granting Approvals 

There is a workaround that exists with "Approval Groups" in that you're able to automatically grant approval for templates of your choice.

The way that this can be done is by creating an approval group and then setting the number of required approvers to zero. Here is how this workaround works in action: 


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